Overview of Products

Offered with general notes

Overview of Products

Offered with general notes

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We source and supply the following product categories, all of which are fully certified to EN10204 2.2 or 3.1

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Structural steel hollow sections

These are manufactured using either a cold forming process (grade EN10219) or hot formed/finished process (grade EN10210). Each has different properties, and are sometimes called proprietary names such as Celsius© or Hybox©.

Please refer to the manufacturers’ websites for specific technical information, or this website provides a useful overview of the manufacturing process as well as an overview of other sections:


Dimensions up to 600 x 400 x 20mm and 500 x 500 x 20mm available.

We specialise in locating a wide range of non-UK sizes, please get in touch to see if we are able to assist you.

Structural steel hollow sections EN10204 2.2 or 3.1
HEB continental structural sections grade s355 j2 + AR

Continental Structural Sections

Similar in profile to UK universal beams, columns and channels, these usually come with a three- letter designation followed by a number denoting the size of the product i.e. HEB 200 which is a section similar to a column 200mm wide and 200mm deep and weighing 62.8kg per metre. They are normally supplied in structural grades s235 or s355, however other higher grades may be available.

A full range is listed on this manufacturer’s site:


Grade S355 Flat Bars

We can source and supply a full range of mild steel flat bars in grade s355 j2 + AR from stock. These are mainly available in 6000mm lengths, however certain sizes are available in lengths up to 12000mm.

Hot finished seamless tubes

These are normally supplied in grade EN10297-1 and EN10210 S355 J2H, available in lengths up to 13200mm. The range of diameters generally available is from 10.2mmØ up to 711mmØ. The standard quality supplied is S355 J2H however higher grades may also be available in all sizes.

circular hollow sections grade s355 j2h en10210